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BAY PATROL WITH Pettit ultima eco

The Bay Patrol is a 26-foot aluminum Hewescraft power boat.

The Bay Patrol is the patrol boat used by Citizens for a Healthy Bay. It is moored at Foss Harbor in Tacoma. It is taken off the dock about 120 times per year for a total annual running time of 500 hours. Pettit Ultima Eco was applied in October 2011. Photos are from a mid-November 2012 haulout – a twelve month use so far.

Owner’s comments on the performance of Pettit Ultima Eco: “Hull is free of any barnacles or growth. The sides and transom have some light marine growth that comes off easy enough. She is sluffing a bit more than the Sea Hawk but holding up good after 12 months. Note: trim tabs have no paint on them.”