Working with Boaters and Marine Trades for Cleaner Washington Water

Bay patrol with sea hawk smart solution

The Bay Patrol is a 26-foot aluminum Hewescraft power boat.

The Bay Patrol is the patrol boat used by Citizens for a Healthy Bay. It is moored at Foss Harbor in Tacoma. It is taken off the dock about 120 times per year for a total annual running time of 500 hours. Sea Hawk Smart Solution was applied to the hull in July of 2010 and removed in October 2011 (15 months). At the time of removal, the paint was still performing well. Except for some minor brushing at the waterline, no cleaning of the hull was done throughout its 15 month service.

Owner’s comments on the performance of Sea Hawk Smart Solution: rated 9 out of 10. “It performed excellent. I only removed Smart Solution to try the new product by Pettit (testing now). The Smart Solution required a little brushing just at the waterline.”