Working with Boaters and Marine Trades for Cleaner Washington Water

Clean Boatyard Program

Boatyard Resources

The Boatyard General Permit Online 

Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) Template and adjoining Worksheets template.

The Stormwater Management Manual for Western Washington–Section 2-7 for Boatyards

Washington Stormwater Center’s Stormwater Channel – featuring videos on affordable roof downspout treatment boxes and innovative stormwater treatment BMPs – an excellent resource, worth checking in on occasionally

A Good Summary of Dangerous Waste Management–The Basics

WA Dangerous Waste Legislation — Requiring Designation of Dangerous Wastes

Ecology Shop Talk for Dangerous Waste Management: what to do with all your dangerous waste — storage and disposal.

Dangerous Waste Labeling Downloads 
Dangerous Waste Disposal Contractors

Ecology’s Requirements for Small Quantity Generators (SQG) and Medium Quantity Generators (MQG)

Shoreline Clean-Up Opportunities
Puget Soundkeeper Alliance
Seattle Parks (look for Restoration events) 

Puget Sound Partnership’s List of Invasive Species of Puget Sound

Port of Tacoma’s Downspout Rain Garden Box


Clarifying Definitions

Delegated vs. Non-Delegated POTW

A delegated POTW, or Publicly Owned Treatment Works, is a municipal water treatment facility which has been delegated by Ecology to accept and manage industrial wastewater or stormwater on their own terms.  If your local treatment facility is a delegated POTW and you have an agreement with them to take your wastewater and/or stormwater, you do not need to report test results to Ecology.

A Non-Delegated POTW is a municipal water treatment facility that has not been delegated by Ecology to manage its incoming industrial waste water on its own terms.  If your local treatment facility is a non-delegated POTW and you discharge wastewater to them, you must send test results for copper, zinc, lead and pH to Ecology.

Clean Boatyard Certification Checklist

See what it takes for a boatyard to become certified Clean or Leadership Clean: Clean Boating Foundation Checklist 2018