Working with Boaters and Marine Trades for Cleaner Washington Water

Clean Boating Product: the Electric Paddle

While we remain focused on certifying boatyards as Clean and encouraging boaters to opt for non-copper paint, we couldn’t help but notice some of the innovative – and clean – offerings at the recently-concluded Seattle Boat Show. This year’s show was no exception when it came to fun gadgets…

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Talking Aluminum Anodes with Shane McCall of Emerald City Diving

I recently sat down with Shane McCall of Emerald City Diving to talk about non-zinc anodes and get his take on the effectiveness of the aluminum alternatives to zincs. Here’s what we talked about:

CBF: Thanks for your time here, Shane. I’m just going to ask you a…

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Artwork at the CBF Seattle Boat Show Booth

Last week at the Seattle Boat Show, we talked to a lot of folks about non-copper bottom paint and non-zinc anodes, alternative products that every boater can use to make an individual difference in cleaning up Puget Sound. We held a raffle to give away these products to five…

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