Working with Boaters and Marine Trades for Cleaner Washington Water

Taking a Closer Look at Copper as Phase Out Nears

Copper. The reddish metal that you may remember from the periodic chart has kept a vigilant presence in boating since the 18th century when the British Royal Navy adhered copper plates to their hulls to protect them from shipworms and other marine growth. Copper has worked so well that…

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Selected Literature on Copper Neurobehavioral Toxicity in Salmon

Jen McIntyre from the University of Washington compiled a series of citations that demonstrate what happens when copper comes into contact with all sorts of sea creatures. Most notably in one study, even a small amount of copper (10 parts per billion)…

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Happy New Year from the Clean Boating Foundation

Happy New Year from the Clean Boating Foundation. May we suggest some New Year’s resolutions?

–          Switch to non-copper bottom paint (you know you want to)

–          Use aluminum anodes (there is no reason not to)

–          Use a Certified Clean Boatyard (or encourage your favorite yard to become one)

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Come see us at the Chris Craft Rendezvous

The Clean Boating Foundation will be spending Saturday with the folks at the Chris Craft Rendezvous (CCR).  The CCR is the largest gathering of Chris Crafts around.  We are going to be talking to the owner’s of these beautiful boats about how Non-copper bottom paint can work for them.  We…

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Bottom Paint Easy?

That was Bill Baker’s experience with Pettit’s Hydrocoat Eco.  Not only easy, but COPPER FREE!  Acording to Bill the paint was easy to apply and the estimated coverage was spot on.  The only thing that slowed Bill down was the rain and with Hydrocoat Eco he was able to…

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Great news coming out of California

If you are looking for some upbeat, positive developments on the non-copper-paint front, you don’t have to look any further. The Institute for Research and Technical Assistance has some new fact sheets with some very complementary and complimentary work to what we are doing in Washington state. For more…

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The Great Paradox

One of the difficulties with the Puget Sound and its well-documented demise is that it’s not that well documented. That might sound like a self-contradicting paradox, but it’s not just my take. Rather, it’s something that Puget Sound Partnership discovered early on in their research. The public just isn’t…

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The Experts in Non-Copper Paint and Non-Zinc Anodes

It’s not every day that CBF shares the stage with two other boating experts, and I’d even go so far as to say Jim Brown of Monkey Fist Yacht Care and John Mitchell of Canada Metals are the world’s foremost experts on non-copper paint application and aluminum anodes, respectively….

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Pettit Ultima Eco in Puget Sound – What We’re Seeing

With copper-based bottom paint being phased out in Washington state (read here for the details), we’re tracking the performance of the non-copper alternatives on Puget Sound boats to better help the whole boating community make the transition more smoothly. Today, we want to highlight Pettit Paint’s Read more »

Clean Boating Foundation Speaks at Port of Edmonds Tenant Workshop

Earlier this week, we participated in an evening workshop that the Port of Edmonds put together for their marina tenants to talk about boating issues near and dear to our hearts: non-copper bottom paint and aluminum anodes. It was also our pleasure to be able to call out the…

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