Working with Boaters and Marine Trades for Cleaner Washington Water

Rain, wait, what?

After such a dry summer it almost seems odd to have rain and colder weather again. But cold weather and rain doesn’t stop our Boatyards or Boaters; or Boaters working in Boatyards for that matter.  Just remember rain means storm water runoff and storm water runoff means sampling for…

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Loving the Land and Water Conservation Fund

What’s that? Clean Boating Foundation cares about federal issues? As they say in Ballard, ya sure, ya betcha.


First, the facts. The Land and Water Conservation Fund just celebrated its 50th birthday. The premise was simple: While oil companies disrupt our waters offshore, can’t they pay into a fund that…

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LWCF: An old friend that you may not know of

If you have followed the news about the oil rig that was in Seattle recently, you would think that Alaska and Washington state never agree on substantive policies that involve oil. Au contraire. 

Recently, Sen. Cantwell (D-Washington state) and Sen. Murkowski (R-Alaska) joined together to speak up about the Land…

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