Working with Boaters and Marine Trades for Cleaner Washington Water

Happy New Year from the Clean Boating Foundation

Happy New Year from the Clean Boating Foundation. May we suggest some New Year’s resolutions?

–          Switch to non-copper bottom paint (you know you want to)

–          Use aluminum anodes (there is no reason not to)

–          Use a Certified Clean Boatyard (or encourage your favorite yard to become one)

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The Great Paradox

One of the difficulties with the Puget Sound and its well-documented demise is that it’s not that well documented. That might sound like a self-contradicting paradox, but it’s not just my take. Rather, it’s something that Puget Sound Partnership discovered early on in their research. The public just isn’t…

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Cheers to Three Clean Boating All-Stars

CBF just wrapped up some time on the road and, as we like to do, it’s time to give credit to three inspirational, no-nonsense leaders who are not asking for credit or praise about promoting clean boating. This selflessness only drives us more to give them credit and praise. 

The Experts in Non-Copper Paint and Non-Zinc Anodes

It’s not every day that CBF shares the stage with two other boating experts, and I’d even go so far as to say Jim Brown of Monkey Fist Yacht Care and John Mitchell of Canada Metals are the world’s foremost experts on non-copper paint application and aluminum anodes, respectively….

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Anacortes Clean Boating Symposium

The Clean Boating Foundation is going back on the road. This time, we have two upcoming stops. The first one we are featuring is the Anacortes Clean Boating Symposium, which is sponsored by Port Supply/West  Marine (sidebar: Great to see their new copper-free paint (CFA…

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Clean Boating Foundation Speaks at Port of Edmonds Tenant Workshop

Earlier this week, we participated in an evening workshop that the Port of Edmonds put together for their marina tenants to talk about boating issues near and dear to our hearts: non-copper bottom paint and aluminum anodes. It was also our pleasure to be able to call out the…

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Talking Aluminum Anodes with Shane McCall of Emerald City Diving

I recently sat down with Shane McCall of Emerald City Diving to talk about non-zinc anodes and get his take on the effectiveness of the aluminum alternatives to zincs. Here’s what we talked about:

CBF: Thanks for your time here, Shane. I’m just going to ask you a…

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Clean and Green Boating Products 101: non-zinc anodes

We’re often asked by boaters about products they can use to reduce their environmental impact while enjoying their boat and the beautiful waters of Puget Sound.  The three major responses are: cleaning supplies, non-copper bottom paint and aluminum/magnesium anodes.  Let’s talk today about anodes.

What are anodes?  They’re sacrificial lumps…

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