Working with Boaters and Marine Trades for Cleaner Washington Water

Finally, an immigration bill we all can agree on.

If there’s one issue that brings Democrats and Republicans together around sealing the boarders, it’s the issue of nuisance species like zebran and quagga mussels.

And it’s always great to see George Harris, Northwest Marine Trade Association’s President & CEO, use the bully pulpit to educate boating leaders about zebra…

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What’s with these Derelict Vessels?

Maybe you heard about the recent high profile ships sinking in our waters in recent years (here and here) . That’s a big concern to us, and what’s even more problematic is that the owners skipped town. You should know that these infamous vessels are not recreational…

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The march continues towards ethanol in the marketplace

The Supreme Court refused to hear a challenge brought forward by our friends at the National Marine Manufacturing Association, which moves us closer to allowing an increased blend of ethanol in the marketplace.

Jonathan Sweet from Boating Industry does a nice job summarizing the recent developments here. The bottom…

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The Great Paradox

One of the difficulties with the Puget Sound and its well-documented demise is that it’s not that well documented. That might sound like a self-contradicting paradox, but it’s not just my take. Rather, it’s something that Puget Sound Partnership discovered early on in their research. The public just isn’t…

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