Working with Boaters and Marine Trades for Cleaner Washington Water

Loving the Land and Water Conservation Fund

What’s that? Clean Boating Foundation cares about federal issues? As they say in Ballard, ya sure, ya betcha.


First, the facts. The Land and Water Conservation Fund just celebrated its 50th birthday. The premise was simple: While oil companies disrupt our waters offshore, can’t they pay into a fund that keeps the United States pretty and open to recreation in other parts of our vast country? Congress answered that question with a resounding “YES!”


And now the rest of the story. While that all sounds great in late September, Congress failed to reauthorize LWCF for the first time in its history. Ouch. An area like Eddon Boat Park in Gig Harbor would not have occurred without this fund.


We are so appreciative of the delegation in Washington state that has prioritized this issue (and the unwavering leadership of Sen. Cantwell). It’s bipartisan leadership. And it’s all about providing access so people can go out and boat throughout our state and country.


It doesn’t get any more mom and apple pie than that.