Working with Boaters and Marine Trades for Cleaner Washington Water

Check your Storm Water, Check your Prostrates

Did we get you attention?  It is Movember, no that is not a typo, Movember is a charity organization that raises money and awareness for prostate cancer research.  Every November men around the world join the cause by growing a mustache and raising money.  Here at the Clean Boating Foundation, we thought about growing mustaches and then decided we would do better as supporters of the cause.

Just as importantly, November is also a month for rain, storm water samples and DMRs.  It is important for Boat Yards to collect storm water samples when it rains this month and get those DMRs in.  Remember there’s no better way to get an intent-to-sue letter than forgetting to take a storm water sample and submit it to Dept of Ecology.

Sample your water, check your prostate (or encourage someone to do so), enjoy or grow a mustache (or encourage someone to do so).