Working with Boaters and Marine Trades for Cleaner Washington Water

Clean Boating Foundation Speaks at Marina/Boatyard Conference

The 12th-Annual NW Marina & Boatyard Conference provided the perfect backdrop for boatyards to come together in a spirit of collaboration to learn from each other and industry experts during this two day event. This year’s conference was the second year in a row that included the boatyard segment of NW Marine Trade Association’s membership.

Thanks to the organizers of the conference, the second day of the workshops centered around the Clean Boating Foundation and boatyard operators. Non-copper bottom paint, briefings from Department of Ecology and non-zinc anode presentations ruled the day. CBF presented to boatyards what we’ve learned over the first year and a half of our existence – the good, the bad, the ugly of what’s going on in yards around the state. We also gave some heads up notice about some potential money-saving approaches to dealing with stormwater runoff and hazardous waste.

If you worked in a boatyard, this was the place to be. At the conclusion of the conference, a first-time attendee commented, “I had no idea that I would learn so much about all of the aspects of running a boatyard. Why am I just attending this conference for the first time?”