Working with Boaters and Marine Trades for Cleaner Washington Water

Hello Everyone!!

My name is Adria Lau and I am beyond excited to be the Clean Boating Foundation’s new Program Manager. As a rising senior at the University of Washington I believe that my major’s—Environmental Science and Art History—will come in handy in my future at the Clean Boating Foundation. I am a strong supporter of both the boating industry as well as the environment, it is my sincerest hope to strike a balance between the two in a healthy, sustainable way. As a student at the University of Washington I have worked on several research projects including a project partnered with NASA studying the effects of the permafrost melt in Alaskan lakes and streams. In High School, I did an independent study project in which I used oyster shells to filter copper and zinc from storm water. My entire life has been spent dedicated to the resources that we use on a daily basis, especially those that we as boaters find so much enjoyment in.

My passion for the water began at a very young age, when I would go fishing with my father, or spend hours canoeing on Union Bay . After all, I don’t think you could name your child after the Adriatic Sea without her turning out to love water. As a college student, I admit that it is difficult to spend time on the water, but when time allows I enjoy canoeing, kayaking or sailing with the University of Washington Sailing club. Besides boating, I am interested in art, writing, hiking and travel. I cannot wait to see where this next year takes me, and I look forward to meeting with you!