Working with Boaters and Marine Trades for Cleaner Washington Water

The Clean Boating Foundation Checklist is DONE!!!

Hello Boaters!!

It took awhile, but CBF has revised their checklist! The new checklist fits the new Boatyard Permit standards and now includes a “Goals” section. The Goals section is a short writing portion that involves writing about what Boatyards would like to see happen at their yard in the next two years, in terms of BMP’s and other environmental practices. 

We can’t wait to start re-certifying boatyards, but we couldn’t have made it here without a lot of advice from the boating community. 

Many Thanks To: Kurt Baumgarten at the Department of Ecology, Aaron Barnett with Seagrant, Andy Gregory at the Puget Sound Keeper’s Alliance, Patti at Dunato’s Boatyard, Phil and Tiel Riise at Seaview Boatyard, Nigel at CSR Boatyard, the Clean Boating Board, Brad Doll, and of course, Peter Schrappen. 

You can view the changes made to the checklist by clicking the link: CBP_2017