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What to do with junk marine electronics?

Few things are more frustrating than wanting to do the right thing for the environment (such as recycling marine electronics) but not having any idea on where to even start. We get that. Hopefully, that’s a role we can fill – giving you the info you need to make the best available choice that is a true win-win.

Jim Brown of Monkey Fist Yacht Care lays it out pretty well: “I recently ran into a dilemma in that Good Will no longer accepts marine electronics for recycling. Instead of throwing them in the dumpster (PCBs Mercury and all), I found a company in Seattle on Aurora Ave that will not only accept them but will set up free pick up from businesses. They are called Computer Recycling Service Inc.”

You can’t beat that service. Here’s their information:

Computer Recycling Services

7505 & 7507 Aurora Ave. N.
(Right next to Butch’s Gun Shop, not on the corner)
Seattle, WA 98103. (Google map)